Live in the Living Room

by Ryan & Lodge

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Live recordings from Lodge's living room


released December 26, 2015

Ryan Mullaney - Vocal, Guitar
Lodge McCammon - Vocal, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo, Piano, Percussion



all rights reserved


Lodge McCammon Raleigh, North Carolina

Lodge McCammon is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer & producer who grew up in Chicago. He now lives, works & plays music in Raleigh, NC.

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Track Name: I Dare You To Fall In Love
I fell for you baby
In that little yellow dress you found in Hollywood
I needed you madly
From the moment I was near you and we shared a look
The stars were in the pavement
We stayed up all night, wide awake and talking
I remember thinking, you must be sent from above

No, this seat has not been taken
But I dare you now to fall in love

Tell me what you’re thinking
It’s so beautiful and clear, so let’s just say the truth
Ok, I’m kinda shaking
‘Cause da Vinci’s Mona Lisa aint got nothin on you
Now the stars are in the ocean
Wave after wave all the lights are dancing
It’s a perfect motion, that must be sent from above

No, this seat has not been taken
But I dare you now to fall in love

Oh yeah, it’s alright baby
Oh no, I’m not say-saying maybe
Oh, see the stars in the night
Burning bright for us lately?

I fell for you honey
And I’m telling everybody shouting from the roof
Don’t stop - I need you madly
Yeah your friends and all your family, I’ll take them too
The stars design our future
They’re the architects of such great emotion
This institution must be sent from above

No, this seat has not been taken
But I dare you now to fall in love
Track Name: Fights
Face to face to face
I am ever up to imitate
We lost the words to waste
‘Cause I gave you up last Saturday
But will I ever taste
What you’ll never taste
‘Cause I never saw your place

I break up fights
But something's not right

Back to back to back
I should have realized that you were so much more
When you hopped right off the track
I didn’t realize you’d be at my door
‘Cause it’s been done before
You’ve been done before
And it cuts me to my core

End to end to end
I will never fight and will never be
A part that you pretend
To like to like like an enemy
Will you ever see
What you’ve done to me
Yeah you’d never dare believe
Track Name: We Are All In Love With Ourselves
Call me when this stories over
And I'll perpetrate a fine attempt
That's counter to your grand proposal
And I can't forget
I've mustered all the major courage
To listen to your ramblings on
And decided that you're selling garbage
I just don't belong

We are all in love with ourselves
We're all in love with ourselves
We tell nobody else
We trust no one to tell
The story of our lives
When no one listens, we sell and then we yell

So, buy into my real stories
Express that insincere demand
When it's clear you're simply waiting only
To tell me your next big plan
I listen for a minute sober
Then glaze over with a nod in hand
And wait 'til I can say "i told ya"
Then start again to make you understand

I want to wake up, wake up to the sound of my voice
I want to hear what I said, when I said it, if I have the choice
And none of these words will ring as true as my own
Yea my opinions are last, and my opinions are whole

Call me when this stories over
And I'll regurgitate your finer points
But the lessons are in leaves and folders
Not in my joints...