Live in the Living Room

by Lodge McCammon (solo)

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released December 26, 2015

Lodge McCammon - Vocals, Instruments



all rights reserved


Lodge McCammon Raleigh, North Carolina

Lodge McCammon is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer & producer who grew up in Chicago. He now lives, works & plays music in Raleigh, NC.

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Track Name: Harmony
If you would hold me in your arms
I'd place my head against your chest
I'd count the beats of your heart, girl
Then we would make a little nest
Where all our dreams could live and grow
We'd build a shelter from the storm
But let the love come pouring in, girl
To cover everyone we know

Hey Harmony you've got to be
The warm light swimming in my heart
'Cause Inside of me, a little flame burns brighter
Filling up what was totally dark
Let's say we'll never ever be apart

If I could sketch your pretty face
I'd make these curving lines connect
I'd close my eyes and do the trace-ing
Then color in by my recollect
I'd take this picture out to the yard
To show the sky what I had made
The sun would dry the ink hard, girl
When clouds would move out of the way

I’m so lucky in love with you
‘Cause you’re my best friend, and you know it’s true

If I could hold you in my arms
You’d place your head against my chest
And count the beats of my heart, girl
Yeah, that would be the freaking best
Track Name: I Need You
I need you baby like a sailor needs the moon - ahhhaa
I need you mama like the fabric needs a loom - mmhmm
You're a miracle, and the best I ever knew, honey

I need you

Sometimes I wonder what I would do
If I had turned that page, and never met you
Would I be healthy, would I be true
Or would I get caught up, watching all that evening news

Sometimes I worry what you would say
If I had met you on another random day
Would you be happy to hear my name
Do you suppose it would have ended up this way

I can't believe it, that I'm your man
I can't believe I won a girl of cinnamon
You make me proper, you make me stand
Up for the things that I believe, in the end
Track Name: Switch
Home row, here we go
Gaze upon the screen until it tells you what you need to know
Lights out, my face it glows
With one eye open, i can watch another video - share another video
You’ll never believe what happened on this talk show!

Meanwhile consumed with all these stories of the famous and the rich
Can I log on to your wi-fi
I need a place to...switch

Headaches, those addiction shakes
When i only have a book ‘cause my phone is in the suitcase - oh no
So, you talk to me face-to-face
But I just can’t focus, can I get a couple outtakes
Or something loud and shocking just to keep me sane and awake

Entertain me
Show me pretty
Make me believe
This is all I need

I know lots of things, world can you hear me?
Though I haven’t got degrees, I can share my thoughts so easily
So I post all these things, bravely
To tear the world apart, like a watch-dog, anonymously
It’s easy to be vicious when you hide behind a glowing screen

Consumed with all these stories of the famous and the rich
Just log on to your wi-fi and find a place to bitch
Seven hours later my eyes begin to twitch
My heads starts to pound and my skin begins to itch
Track Name: Excelsior (New York)
British, they take control in 1664
To honor the Duke of York
Revolution by Americans
Kicks off at the Battle of Brooklyn
Our city, lost to war
We won it back and for a time
We were the capital of this new nation
Then we read Hamilton's Papers
And were convinced to take a stronger course

New Orange, but first was New Amsterdam
Part of the New Netherlands
Now New York, "Seat of the Empire" said Washington
Growing tall in Manhattan
Yeah, Lady Liberty she symbolizes hope for immigrants
French mother rises on the Hudson
Excelsior, 11th up, we'll make a stand
From Buffalo to Long Island

Downstate in the New York City
Five boroughs and the Hudson Valley
Urban and Suburban around a port
Upstate, central Albany
To Adirondacks in the North Country
Out west our farms, and rivers and Irondequoit
Hey hey! Who's got two great lakes
And the Atlantic Ocean? "New York"
We'll lead the way with steamboats
And transportation of many sorts

New York Rose, let your medicine heal
Along the Finger Lakes to the Southern Tier
From Lake Ontario an eastern bluebird appears
A sugar maple grows up in Rochester
Ever upward, Excelsior!

Dutch fur and agriculture
'Til the British take it over
New York, a trade hub for the colonies
Industrialize after the Civil War
Immigrants on the Hudson shores
In the 20s, the largest city
After a Wall Street crash
We build for World War II and end Depression
Suburban life, art, media, culture and fashion
Track Name: One More for the Lord
Time is an offense locked up in evidence
And revenge is a dish served cold
Give us an inch and we’ll doubt your intelligence
Thems the highs and the lows

Give me one more for the road
And one more for the Lord pretty mama
One more then we’ll go nah nah nah nah nah nah

A bad parlor trick, hey I’ll destroy all the negatives
Oh yeah I’ll see y’all around
We’re off on a trip with your three favorite relatives
For the sights and the sounds

I was in love
Oh I was in love

Buy me a red Chrysler convertible
I’ll drive you to the Hollywood Fair
Find me a bed and I’ll sleep through this miracle
Would you even care?
Track Name: Dirt Cheap (All of Me)
I love you honey ‘cause you know that more is less
I never have to treat you like you're a princess
You just look so deep into these eyes
And tell me I’m the perfect type
Girl when we are together, yeah we just fit
Like a movie that we haven’t really seen yet
Where we’re both a little reckless and a little shy
‘Cause we’re hypnotized
You can call me lover
With your hands under the table baby
Say there’s no other
While you smile so tenderly

This talk is so beautifully dirt cheap
Sounds perfect coming through your teeth
Before you know it, we’re in too deep
‘Cause you’ll be loving all, loving all of me

Hey girl, I know you really want to stay
Sit down next to me and press play
We’ll make our own little sunshine
And change the channels in our mind
Go make that one special phone call
Saying that you won’t be home at all
Your big brother will just have to sympathize
‘Cause you’re mine
You can call me handsome
I move those curls across your forehead baby
You hold the ransom
While I touch you romantically

Oh here’s a plot that’s now unfolding like a plastic lawn chair
Scene after scene, it can feel the same, always the same
I move in closer and run my fingers through your blonde hair
Then I kiss your lips, modernly

You can call me lover
When your hand is inside my hand oh baby
You’re like no other
When you hold me tenderly
Track Name: Caroline
A thin red line
between what's your and what's mine
Baby I'll defend (and define)
Your honor every time
When darkness came to pull me in
You had your chance to shine
My little light

You're strong and kind
When you’re holding me tonight
With those tender lips
Are pressed up against mine
When darkness grew upon this man
You pluck it from the vine
My little light

All it takes is a spark to ignite it
All I need is a heart to accept this

For 10 short years
I’ve been working on a line
That would show you my dear
That you’re mine all mine - here it is
Baby darkness comes when you’re not here
I am, you are, we shine
My little light
Track Name: Take Me as I Am
I listen to the cars roll by on Maple Street
For so long they escaped my thoughts
Caught up in this suffocating autumn heat
This fresh air sure means a lot
Driver take me to my family’s home in Fallen Hills
For I don’t recall the way
‘Neath the grove of hay, the cotton fields and copper mills
Where I forgot all I planned to say

So take me as I am
For all that I can be
Take me as I am
I’ll follow your lead
I offer you my hand
So take me as I am

Soft footsteps on the walk that I had left behind
Almost 15 years before
Fresh religion stumbled after me as though a sign
As I moved gently through the door
Mother standing there with grace defined in her pale skin
Father reading in his chair
I look up to pray as I repent again my final sin
And I breathe easy without a care

And I cry…

In this life that we lead
It’s important to see
There’s a road that we’re on
And if change takes its place
Then accept it with grace
‘Cause you’re welcome at home
Track Name: #GivingUpOurPowerToThem
What do you fear the most
Is it real, or the ghost
Of this failed failed government and politicians
With their lobbied dollars and elastic decision
Uh huh, should we bow to them?
I say revolution is near
If we don't see a plan that is clear
For complete transparency for taxpaying citizens
All of the money must be justified, and then again
Oh, can we trust this to them

It's not your concern where your tax dollars go
And when we ask for results
They've got nothing to show
While this watered down democracy is good for corruption to grow
While senators make millions from political power
And the conflicts of interest are hour-after-hour
And this order of law is now shifty like a crumbling tower

Have you ever been face to face
With the fear of being displaced
As you lose you house and all your life's possessions
A victim of spending in a hard recession
Uh huh, man just hold on to your gun
Because lets not forget how we're here
We stood up out of anger not fear
And said give us our liberty and our freedom
From evil governments, yeah we don't need 'em
Well, They've grown evil again

Now Congress can't agree
Or make changes to relieve
All the purposeful suffering of the people
a political class - spreading fear to the feeble
Oh, while they're telling us who is to blame - not me!
I say revolution is near
But our voices are lost or unclear
'Cause we'd rather watch TV, and complain on twitter
About things that don't matter, taking pills after dinner
Oh, #GivingUpOurPowerToThem